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All season Tire storage-Aurora,Newmarket,Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill. Need to store winter tires- let us store your tires.

At Aurora Tire and Wheel we strive to offer exceptional customer service.

Simply let us know when you are changing your tires, that you would like storage – fill out our contact information form and leave your tires and rims with us. We ensure they are stored in a safe, weather protected and dry area ready for your next season. We have a variety of plans that will suit your needs.


Save room in your garage. We offer storage of your winter or summer tires in the off season. Storage is based on a twelve month period and is renewable in the fall, however new customers are always encouraged. Ask us today. Please note that we only store sets of four tires.

We store tires by the licence plate of the car they came from. This ensures that the right set goes back on the right car –PERIOD!

The tread and sidewall of tires are compounded to resist deterioration caused by sunlight and ozone. Nevertheless, stored tires should be protected against these and other potentially damaging conditions.

Please don’t store your tires in poor condition:

While providing proper storage, we will inspect your tires and remove foreign objects, inspect them for wear and ensure the inflation is checked for next season.