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Nexen N7000-Oak ridges

Nexen N7000-Oak ridges

Oct.16,2016 Nexen Tire-Aurora, Newmarket Nexen tires- Oak ridges  L4e2w8- the Nexen N7000 Tire in Oak Ridges,Richmond Hill and Newmarket is the lowest priced tire in york region from Nexen.

UTQG 360-A-A.

W & Y – speed rated.

For enthusiasts who don’t require all-season ratings. This entry level tire is perfect for some one who may not have their car much longer.


  • 4 Wide & Straight Channel Design.
  • Arrow center rib design allows increased high speed driving performance.
  • Excellent comfort, stability and braking.
  • Multiple kerf Design – Up Grade Snow Index.
  • Shoulder Design – Upgraded cornering and stability.
  • Aggressive type lateral grooves provide anti-hydroplaning.